Lil Wayne Out Of Jail And Nearing 1 Million Followers On Twitter!

lil wayne out of jail
Lil Wayne out of jail and approaching 1 million Twitter followers!

Lil Wayne’s out of jail and now he’s nearing 1 million followers on Twitter! As his fans eagerly await his first post-jail tweet (they’ve been posting for hours under “free Weezy” and “Weezy home” hashtags), Lil Wayne’s followers are literally growing by the second.

Just in the past two minutes as I wrote this, he got 200 more followers and is currently at nearly 877,000. His handle is @liltunechi.

His brother, LilTwist, has been campaigning to get his big bro to 1 million followers by the time of his release. He’s not there yet, but I bet he will be by later today.

Which raises an interesting question, one that’s also being batted around Twitter: Should we be glamorizing someone who broke the law? Are there more important things we should be talking about right now? Or is that just overanalyzing the guy does make some good music.

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