Lil Wayne Out Of Jail: Heading To Big Party In Miami

Lil Wayne Out Of Jail
Lil Wayne Out Of Jail And Ready To Party

Lil Wayne is out of jail this morning, and he’s ready to get his party on. Friends are planning a huge bash in Miami in honor of Lil Wayne getting out of jail.

Supposedly the party will consist of lots of alcohol, and of course, there will be strippers, solely for entertainment purposes, of course.

Lil Wayne had an earlier release date from jail than expected because of good behavior, but now it looks as though he’s ready to check that good behavior at the door and get back to some good old fashioned celebrating. He was supposed to have served a one-year sentence.

One thing’s for sure, Lil Wayne isn’t exactly a great role model for kids. Jail time, booze, and strip clubs haven’t exactly done wonders for his image.

Photo: PRPhotos