Lil Wayne Out Of Jail: What About His Kids?

Lil Wayne Out Of Jail
Lil Wayne Out Of Jail Will Party Before Seeing Kids

Lil Wayne is out of jail and is reportedly heading to a huge celebration party in Miami, complete with booze and strippers. Now that Lil Wayne’s release date was moved up and he is out of jail, why is he more concerned with partying than with seeing his kids?

Lil Wayne has four kids, one daughter, Reginae, and three sons, Dwayne, Lennox, and Neal. I’m sure they are happy that their daddy is finally out of jail, so why isn’t he rushing home to see them?

It’s understandable that Lil Wayne would want to celebrate getting out of jail, but don’t you think it’s a little odd that he doesn’t plan on stopping off to hang with his family for a bit before heading to Miami to party like a rap star?

Photo: PRPhotos