Lil Wayne's Baby Mamas All Get Along?


lil_wayneLil Wayne has all the luck. Not only does he have four beautiful children; all his baby mamas get along. I barley know four women that all get along, let alone have the same “lover”. That’s just crazy. Do they all sit around, hold hands and sing kumbaya?

He has kids with Nivea, Lauren London, Antonia Carter and an as yet unidentified woman. You would think they would all be at each other’s throats, but that is not the case.

His ex-wife Antonia Carter said, “We talk. We have a great relationship. I’m good with all of them (the mothers). I try to keep the kids cool because they’re all in the same situation, so we don’t have time for any drama.”
She also said she makes him talk to his 12-year-old daughter Reginae about her siblings. “He tells her about it, so I just go along with the flow. He’s a great father.”

Well there you go. If these four women who have kids by the same guy can get along, we should all be able to get along.