Lily Allen Sees Motherhood In Her Future



Singer Lily Allen, who suffered a miscarriage last year, has every intention of becoming a mother.  She recently said she hopes to get married and settle down, but now says she doesn’t necessarily need to have someone in her life to become a parent.

Allen, 24, said she’s desperate to become a mom.

She said, “I’ll be proud once I’ve had kids and they’ve grown up all right.  I want to do it now.  I don’t feel like I’m very good at anything in life, and I think that’s one thing I probably will be quite good at.”

The Smile singer had said she planned to retire and find someone to take care of her.  However she realizes she doesn’t have to be married or with anyone to have a baby. “I don’t necessarily need a man, it’s difficult for me to find someone.”

Good luck!