Lily Allen Suffers a Heartbreaking Loss, Battles A Life Threatening Infection


lily allenLily Allen is battling a serious blood infection just days after suffering a miscarriage six months into her pregnancy.    The singer was transported by ambulance from her home where she had been recuperating from the miscarriage to a hospital on Friday evening.  

Her ailment appears to be septicaemia, a serious blood poisoning condition.  Septicaemia is a life-threatening condition that is caused by bacteria invading the bloodstream from an infection.  The most common sources of the condition are bladder infections and tooth abscesses although it can occur following a miscarriage.  He publicist has indicated that she is responding well to treatment

This is the second miscarriage Allen has experienced in the past few years.   The singer had an earlier miscarriage in 2008.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Lily and her boyfriend Sam Cooper.  Best wishes on a speedy recovery.