Lily Allen Wants To Get Away From It All – Kind Of


lily-allen-babies-pregnant-country-cotswolds-miscarriageLily Allen has gone on and on about wanting to quit the music biz, but up until now hasn’t mentioned what she wants to do when she grows up.

She wants to move to the country with her boyfriend and start a family. It’s like a dream!!
She said: ‘I just want to have babies and live in the countryside, that’s my goal really,’ she told The People.
‘I’m not a careerist, what I really want is to be a mum. I am driven, but that drive goes as far as keeping a roof over my head and having a routine.”
‘I have been in a relationship for six or seven months now and its going really well, so why not?’

Lily suffered a miscarriage two years ago and hit her pretty hard. She realized it hit her harder than she thought when the due date came around and there was no baby.

Now that she’s had therapy and has closed the door on that chapter in her life she wants to move on.

She recently bought a house in the Cotswolds, which I’m really jealous of, because it looks adorable.


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