Lincoln: Daniel Day-Lewis Wins SAG & Golden Globe — Is Oscar Next?


If I were to make a bet on who is going to win the Academy Award for the best actor category, I would put it all on one man; Daniel Day-Lewis for his role as Abraham Lincoln.

Daniel Day-Lewis is already on a winning streak for his phenomenal performance as one of America’s most important and iconic historical figures in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. Day-Lewis won the Golden Globe and on Sunday he won the SAG award for his role. So does that mean the Oscar is next?

Day-Lewis will be up against Bradley Cooper (for Silver Linings Playbook), Joaquin Phoenix (for The Master), Denzel Washington (for The Flight) and Hugh Jackman (for Les Misérables). But many don’t think it won’t be a close race with predictions for a Day-Lewis win coming from Time Magazine to six movie experts being unanimous when the Los Angeles Times asked who would win.

Do you think there is any chance that Daniel Day-Lewis would not win?

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