Linda Hamilton: James Cameron Only Wants What He Can't Have


james-cameron-and-linda-hamiltonWell, when your ex-husband is a five-times married Grinch who left you for another woman, you might have a few negative things to say about  him. And, oh boy, did Linda Hamilton have some choice words about the notoriously unpleasant but genius director James Cameron, with whom she has one daughter, Josephine, 16.

Back when Titantic won 11 Oscars, Hamilton was asked if success would change Cameron. She famously answered: “He was always a jerk, so there is no way to tell.” And more than a decade later she’s still full of zingers.  And guess how much she got in the divorce settlement after just 18 months of marriage?

Among her recent comments: Cameron only wants women he can’t have.  Current wife Suzy Amis doesn’t like her, and Hamilton implies Amis is jealous because Hamilton is “the one that got away.” And Hamilton repeatedly calls him “Jimbo,” which I can’t imagine he likes…

Maybe Hamilton shouldn’t be so negative. After all, reports say she walked away with about $50 million after only 1-1/2 years of marriage. That’s almost $3 million per month. But if reports about Cameron’s general nastiness are true, she earned every penny.