Linda Wallem: Five Things About Melissa Ethridge's New Girlfriend

linda wallem melissa ethridge girlfriend
Linda Wallem: Melissa Ethridge's new girlfriend is the one in the middle

Wow, you can expect some really, really angry blog posts from Tammy Lynn Michaels: Ex-wife Melissa Ethridge’s new girlfriend is a woman who was present at the couple’s 2003 wedding, Linda Wallem. Ethridge, who has been publicly feuding with Michaels over their finances and their 4-year-old twins since their breakup, has been best friends with Wallem for a decade, and Wallem was in the wedding party when Michaels and Ethridge got married! So who is Linda Wallem? Here’s five things about her:

1. She’s a co-creator of the hit Showtime comedy “Nurse Jackie.”

2. She’s also an actress: She appeared as a waitress in both “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Seinfeld.”

3. She is 50 years old and has the same birthday as Ethridge.

4. She wrote for “That ’70s Show.”

5. She appeared in the caberet act Wallem & Tolan in the early ’80s.


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