Bad Parenting Times Two: Lindsay Lohan And Alexis Neiers Are Jail Neighbors


Lindsay Lohan famously checked into jail at California’s Lynwood facility, and from what we hear, it’s definitely no picnic. “Generally, the first two days in jail are the most difficult,” Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley said. “I just kept reminding her of that. She’s doing the best she can.” (Yes, Chapman Holley is once again Lohan’s lawyer; she quit on the child-star-turned-mess earlier in the case, but apparently reconnected just in time for jail support.)

But Chapman Holley–who was Lohan’s first visitor in jail–isn’t the actress’ only form of support. E! reality star and fellow teen criminal Alexis Neiers, 19, is in the cell next to Lohan’s. Neiers was arrested for burglarizing celebrity homes, including Orlando Bloom’s. And who else did she steal from? None other than Lohan herself. During Neiers’ hearing, a detective testified that investigators found a Chanel necklace belonging to Lohan inside Neiers’ home.

What we have here in the Lynwood facility, is a side-by-side case of parenting gone wrong. Lohan and Neiers both turned “bad” at early ages, when we like to think their parents could’ve still had some control over them. Should the Lohan and Neiers parents get together and figure out how to prevent their kids from getting into more trouble?

Perhaps this experience will allow Lohan to forgive Neiers for the theft, and the two will bond in jail over their good-lives-gone-wrong.


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