Lindsay Lohan Court: Was Lohan's Dress Too Short for Court?

lindsay lohan court dress
Lindsay Lohan wore a short white dress to court

Lindsay Lohan’s court appearance is drawing criticism was her dress too short for court? Yes, that’s right, Lohan is under such a microscope that people are debating her fashion choice for a day in court.

First up, Lindsay Lohan’s court outfit was short. And tight. Very, very tight, with plenty o’ leg showing.

And how about the color? Was Lindsay Lohan making a statement in court by wearing white?

Did the dress have any impact on the judges’ decision?

In this Today show video clip, they note that “People are watching and every little thing is going to be dissected.” You would think Lindsay Lohan would know that by now!

Should she have played it more conservatively? Yes, it seems the consensus is that a suit would have been the best option.

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