Lindsay Lohan Faces Felony Charges for Stealing Necklace?


Lindsay-Lohan-DWTSLindsay Lohan could be facing felony charges for stealing a necklace?  Can this girl stay out of trouble for even five minutes? Seriously? The actress is on probation right now for her DUI charges so this is not good news for the troubled LiLo. There are two sides to the story of the stolen necklace.

Lindsay Lohan says she walked out of a Venice, California jewelry story with the $2500 necklace that the store let her borrow ON LOAN. The owner of the store says they didn’t “loan” the necklace to Lindsay because it’s not their policy to loan out jewelry without filling out lots of paperwork required  beforehand.  Pesky details, like insurance!

It looks like the L.A. County District Attorney is siding with the owner of the jewelry store and it’s been reported that the D.A. will file felony charges against LiLo as early as Monday.

According to, the L.A. County District Attorney will file the case against Lohan. The celeb website reports that  ”¨”¨”Lindsay is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store on January 22.”