Lindsay Lohan Headed to Jail Despite Plea She Was "In Morocco Working With Children"


Despite her excuses as to why she missed required weekly alcohol education classes that were part of her parole stipulations, Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in jail.  Her mother has repeatedly made excuses for her daughter and Lindsay herself tearfully begged for a light sentence, even saying she missed one of the classes because she was in Morocco helping children. Her plea to the judge next:

“…I did everything I was told to do and did the best I could to balance my jobs and showing up. I know I was ordered to go once a week.  I was in Morocco working with children, it wasn’t a vacation, it wasn’t some sort of joke.

“I wanted to show the court that I meant everything that I put into it.”

Well, her sentence at least teaches our kids that actions do have consequences, even for the rich and famous.