Lindsay Lohan Hit a Baby & Ran? I Don't Think So (Video)


Sometimes gossip can be a lot like the game Telephone. Someone whispers in someone’s ear,” The sky is blue,” and the last person of the chain ends up hearing “I love Chinese food.” Such it seems is the case with Lindsay Lohan’s car (allegedly) clipping a baby. Something may have happened between her, her car, and a stroller and all of a sudden its become an overblown story about how LaLohan is a serial child killer.

Here’s what supposedly happened: Lindsay was driving her Maserati and hit a baby stroller. Eye witnesses said she didn’t stop and that the woman she rammed, was in shock. However, when you look at this video, this seems like much ado about nothing:

Lindsay clearly stopped, her black car in the background. The woman, had she of really been hit and hurt had time to stop and talk to her, but kept on walking. When asked if she is alright, she says yes and seems fine. She’s not fazed at all and is only concerned with going on about her day. With no video of what actually happened, Lindsay probably lightly tapped the stroller if she even hit it at all. And with this sort of evidence, who is to say the woman didn’t smash the stroller into Lindsay’s car while it was parked?

I’m just not buying this whole Lindsay hit a baby and then drove away story line. Are you?