Lindsay Lohan Hits Baby Stroller With Maserati And Drives Away


Good grief! Just when we thought that Lindsay Lohan couldn’t possibly get into anymore trouble, she goes and hits a baby stroller in a crosswalk with her Maserati…and then drives off without stopping to see if the baby and the woman pushing the stroller are ok!

According to two eyewitnesses, Lindsay failed to look both ways before turning at an intersection, and managed to clip the stroller. The child and woman were not hurt, but don’t you think that it would’ve been a good idea for Lindsay to at least get out of her Maserati and see if they were alright?

Supposedly Lohan “pulled to the right, stopped for two seconds, and then just kept going.”

You can view the video of the woman and stroller just seconds after the incident, and you can see Lindsay’s Maserati driving away on RadarOnline. The child in the stroller can also be heard crying.

The witness also said that he asked if the woman was ok, but that she seemed shocked and scared. He said he knew it was Lohan, because he saw her with his own eyes.

Thank goodness Lohan only clipped that stroller…what if she had hit them head-on? Guess she can add “hit-and-run” to her list of antics.

Photo: PRPhotos