Lindsay Lohan Jail Time Certain, $40,000 Tanning Tab?


Lindsay-Lohan-DWTSLindsay Lohan won’t go to jail tomorrow but she’ll probably do some time behind bars.  Adding to LiLo’s problems is a $40,000 tab for spray tans? How do you even begin to run up a $40K bill for spray tans?

A legal expert says that the troubled actress will go home tomorrow but there is probably no getting around jail time for Lohan.

Hollywood Life reports on Lilo’s court date on Wednesday.  The celeb site talked to attorney Susan Filan who told them, “Tomorrow Lindsay will probably be arraigned and booked for two charges: violation of probation, for which she faces six months, and grand theft larceny, for which she faces up to three years in state prison. Together, she could face up to 3.5 years!”

Lindsay can probably say goodbye to her acting career but at least she’s be tan!  In yet another story about LiLo, it appears that she owes over $40K in unpaid bills for tanning services!  The owner of a Las Vegas tanning company, Tanning Vegas, is suing Lindsay for not paying her tanning bill.