Lindsay Lohan Little Girl Lost - How Much Jail Time Is Lindsay Lohan Facing?

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Felony Theft

Poor Lindsay Lohan!  Just weeks after she was released from a California rehab center, the troubled star has landed back behind bars facing some pretty severe jail time after being charged with felony grand theft. 

While she is currently in custody, the judge has set bail for the actress at $40,000.  Assuming she can raise the funds or at least call on some of her famous friends to lend a helping hand, Lindsay should be back on the streets shortly.   The bad news is that she will likely be back behind bars if she cuts a deal on her new felony charges.

For her part, Lindsay pled not guilty to the felony theft of a $2,500 necklace from a Los
Angeles jewelry store
.    If she is convicted, Lohan could go head to California state prison for up to three years.  A jail sentence is unlikely for the jewelry theft  itself, but Lindsay may have to serve some more time behind bars  for violating her probation on her prior drunk driving arrest. 

Just how many second chances does this little girl lost get before she has to really pay for her actions?

Photo: PR Photos