Lindsay Lohan Rehab: Betty Ford Investigated by State Over Lohan Fight?


lindsay-lohanLindsay Lohan isn’t the one only being investigated due to a late-night fight with a Betty Ford employee.   There are reports that Betty Ford is being investigated by the state of California. The Betty Ford Center is where Lindsay Lohan is being treated for addiction.

According to The Globe and Mail, a spokesman for the California Department of Public Health confirmed the agency was conducting an investigation at Betty Ford, but declined to release details.

Detectives are investigating Lindsay Lohan on battery charges because of an incident on December 12 between the troubled actress and an employee at Betty Ford, Dawn Holland.

Dawn Holland spilled the details of her squabble with Lohan to the media.  The Betty Ford employee conducted an on-camera interview with celebrity website TMZ, which also posted an e-mail that Holland sent to her supervisors after the fight.  Dawn Holland was fired by Betty Ford for going to the media with her story. Betty Ford Center officials say that patient confidentiality is a priority.

“When patients come to the center for treatment, they come to a safe place where their identity is protected, where anonymity is safeguarded,” a representative for the Betty Ford Center said in a statement.