Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Rehab

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan sent back to rehab

Well it looks like Lindsay Lohan is getting one more chance to turn her life around! Website is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to rehab in her probation violation hearing today, avoiding any jail time.  The website states that Lilo must stay in rehab until January 3. 2011 and that she is due back in court on February 25, 2011.

Regular drug tests will be administered between the time she leaves rehab and is due back in court.

Although the district attorney was recommending Lindsay be jailed for 180 days it seems that the troubled starlet got one more chance to turn her life around by being sentenced to rehab.

Do you think that Lindsay can really make change this time or has she had enough chances and she should have been sent to jail?

Photo by PCN