Lindsay Lohan To Get New Step Mom & New Baby Sibling?


Because Lindsay Lohan need more drama…

For those of you who don’t know Kate Major, she is a former Star reporter who fell for Jon Gosselin and then quit her job at the tabloid for him. Well, they broke up and she has moved on to Lindsay’s father Michael.

You really can’t account for taste with this woman.

Not only are her and Michael planning to tie the knot, they are planning to add another little Lohan to the mix.  Why, oh dear, why????

“Kate wants a baby. Since I’m getting no younger, we practice at least four times a night. We agreed, that if she does get pregnant, one is enough.”

Michael already has enough trouble with Lindsay and has another daughter Ali with ex-wife Dinah. Maybe he wants to try and right past wrongs by being a better father this time around?

Lindsay has already made a comment, stating: “I’m gonna vomit.”