Lindsay Lohan to Possibly Spill Guts to Oprah


Word has it Lindsay Lohan is trying to decide where to take her post-rehabbed self to plead her case to the public — and she’s considering Oprah’s couch. A source close to Lohan confirmed that the actress is currently weighing her options: “Several entities are being considered, and no decision has been made and won’t be for awhile.” If Lohan chooses Oprah, she better be ready to tell it like it is. Oprah doesn’t like liars. Remember her tearing into James Frey after he admitted fabricating parts of (okay, maybe the majority of?) A Million Little Pieces and duping Oprah along with the rest of the memoir-reading world? Hell hath no fury like an Oprah duped!

“Things are heating up in a good way,” a source said of the talks between Lohan’s camp and Harpo. “Definitely some good conversations. We’re crossing our fingers it works out for Oprah’s last season.”  My guess is Lohan would be better going on a program less inclined to call her out. Larry King is always a slightly befuddled and gentle interrogator. LiLo — get in quick before he retires!  Although Larry King’s been ignorant enough to have Michael Lohan on, so he’s probably out of the running. No matter where she takes her story, I bet Lohan will have to face questions about what role her parents played in her downfall, and, if she’s being honest, that could be tough stuff for Dina and Michael to hear.

Oprah’s last season starts Monday, September 13. Reps for Harpo say nothing has been set with Lohan but didn’t deny ongoing talks. Lohan told Oprah in a 2006 appearance that she didn’t deserve her reputation as a party girl. Something tells me Oprah might revisit that issue…