Lindsay Lohan Wants Family Time Before Reporting to Rehab


Lindsay Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, is trying to ensure her client doesn’t have to go right from jail to rehab. Which probably isn’t a good idea — why give Lohan a chance to get herself in more trouble? But the troubled actress says she needs some time with her family before heading to rehab for three months.

“She’s a little upset right now,” Holley said today. “She’d like to spend some time with her family, and there’s at least some question as to whether or not she’ll have to go directly to rehab.”

The judge has mandated that Lohan has 24 hours after her release from jail, which may be as early as Sunday, to get her affairs in order, but Holley says “there’s a push now for her to go directly to rehab from jail.”

“I think it would only be fair for her to spend some time with her family and that’s what she’d like for me to emphasize to judge,” says Holley.

Look for some paparazzi photos of Lohan clubbing to surface if they give her some time in between. Hopefully, though, if she’s granted her request, she’ll hunker down with family and prepare for a long, tough road of rehab ahead.  Lohan has become a tabloid fixture and late-nate punch line, but really, don’t we all hope she pulls it together and reminds us why she became a celebrity in the first place? She’s not “famous for being famous” — she was a really good actress, and probably can be again. America loves a good comeback story, and I hope she’s one of them.