Lindsay Lohan's Jailhouse Rules - No Visits from Friends and Family!


lindsay lohanWhen she was briefly incarcerated over the summer, Lindsay Lohan got through it all with the support of her family and friends.   Throughout her stay in the Lynwood Correctional Center, Lindsay had an ongoing parade of visitors from her mother Dina through her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. 

It seems that both the judge on the case and the correctional facility are going to play it a little tougher this time around by limiting the folks that can stop by to visit with Lindsay while she waits for her hearing on a probation violation.

For the time being, we can definitely expect Lohan to have a more difficult transition back to her jailhouse life with visits only from three designated visitees.

Who can stop by and visit with Lohan during her stay in jail?

As of today, Lindsay can only receive visits from three people on her official “team” – her lawyer, her psychiatrist and her addiction specialist.  Specifically she can meet with her attorney – Shawn Chapman Holley, her psychiatrist – Dr. Lee Sadja, and an addiction specialist affiliated with the Advanced Pain Treatment and Diagnostics Group.

It is certainly going to be a harder go this time around for Lohan in the Lynwood Correctional Center!  Maybe the time alone will force her to find learn how to cope all by herself for a while.

Lindsay was taken into custody earlier today following her admission of failing a drug test last week.