Lisa Kelly: Setting a Good Example For Kids?


Sarah Palin isn’t the only celebrity to come out of Wasilla, Alaska. One of the stars of History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers is an Alaska girl herself–and the only female trucker on the show. Lisa Kelly regularly navigates frozen Canadian roads–and treacherous Indian mountain roads (in the Himalayas) during the show’s next season–among a host of guys, and holds her own while doing so. But her status as the only female trucker on the show has helped propel her into an unexpected sex symbol status. Kelly, 28, has been the subject of a few photo shoots, including a recent somewhat seductive collection of photos. reported that she was unsure of her feelings on her new position as a looker rather than a trucker. “I don’t know. I don’t know what other people are gonna think. It’s interesting to put a woman’s twist on [‘Ice Road Truckers’] and if that’s how I’m perceived, well, it’s not up to me,” she said.

But we wonder if she’s considering kids when she poses. Not just any American kids who take notice of her photos, but any possible future kids of her own. Is this something she’d want around if she had a daughter, or even a son? On one hand, she’s definitely showing that women can do what they want, even in supposed man-dominated professions. But is it dangerous to present herself as the token sex symbol, just because she’s the only female amongst a hoard of males.

What do you think?


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