Lisa Marie Presley Says Former Nanny Has "Issues"



Lisa Marie Presley, who is being sued by her former nanny, Christine White, for ridiculous charges, says she has “self-entitlement” issues.

From TMZ:

Lisa Marie tells TMZ Christine White has “self-entitlement” issues. White just sued Elvis’ daughter for not getting meal breaks and allegedly being forced to work 7 days a week during her stint as a postpartum caregiver after the birth of Lisa Marie’s child last October.

Lisa Marie now says she paid Christine $650 a day and she had chefs and other staff at her disposal. Lisa Marie goes on … Christine had her own guest house on the property where she would sleep and take “many breaks.”

Here’s the best part: “Ms. White’s self-entitlement became more and more severe as she became exposed to the various ‘perks’ she was given on the job.

A taste of the celebrity life can be a dangerous thing.

By the way, Lisa Marie says Christine practically tripped over herself after she was fired to hire a lawyer.

It’s hard enough as a “regular” parent to find decent caregivers and I can only imagine the nuts that try to take advantage of celebrities and their kids!