Lisa Rinna: Better Before or After Lip Reduction Surgery? (PHOTOS)

Lisa Rinna lips
Lisa Rinna's lip reduction: before and after

I am not a Lisa Rinna fan. I find her loud, obnoxious and desperate for attention, for example when she had to copy Demi Moore and post photos of herself in a bikini on Twitter. Wasn’t her husband, Harry Hamlin, at one time a respected actor? It’s like he has Stockholm Syndrome or something now that he’s gone along with a new reality tv show featuring their marriage. However, I think Rinna looks a thousand times better after having surgery to correct her botched lip augmentation that was often used as the visual descriptor for trout pout. After 25 years of silicone-stuffed lips, she had the surgery in August and is now in her six-month healing phase.

BEFORE: May 23, 2010.

AFTER: September 30, 2010.

What do you think? Better, yes?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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