Lisa Rinna Bikini Pic on Twitter: Compare to Demi Moore in a Bikini


Lisa Rinna bikini Twitter pictureLisa Rinna was inspired by Demi Moore’s bikini pic, taking to Twitter to post her own sexy bikini Twitpic.

Lisa Rinna posted the bikini picture on Twitter yesterday, tweeting, “Doin’ the Demi! Power to the 47-year-olds! She is my idol!”

Demi Moore posted her two-piece picture earlier in the week, as the Twitter world clicked the link and began to drool.

Rinna, who used to star on Days of Our Lives, is likely trying to get a little bit of attention for her new reality series with Harry Hamlin, called Harry Loves Lisa, on TV Land. The series will premiere October 6.

What 40+ actress can we next expect a bikini Twitpic of?

Who looks better? I’m going with Demi just because Lisa Rinna’s overblown lips scare the heck out of me. Still, both ladies have amazing bodies for pushing 50.

Demi Moore bikini Twitter picture


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