Lisa Rinna Fired on Celebrity Apprentice: Not Tough Enough!

Lisa Rinna lips
Lisa Rinna's lip reduction: before and after

When Celebrity Apprentice began, Lisa Rinna seemed to a good contender.

But we were wrong!

Rinna was the project manager for her task to write a children’s book and perform it on stage.  Dionne Warwick and Star Jones wrote the book with illustrations.

But Rinna was pushed to become project manager for the task, although she wasn’t ready to do so.  It seemed as if this was the plan from the very beginning as Rinna was viewed a threat.

In the boardroom, (Trump even mentioned Rinna’s lip reduction), Jones and Warwick threw Rinna under the bus, along with the rest of the team who were pretty much silent during the scene with Donald Trump.

And Rinna didn’t fight back.

She could have put all the blame on Jones and Warwick for creating the book idea that failed… but she didn’t.  Instead she said she had a lot to learn and kept saying she didn’t want to be project manager.

If Rinna had fought her case in the boardroom and showed Trump that she is tough, I think Warwick would have been fired.

But Rinna was.  Do you think Trump got it right?

Photo: PCN