Lisa Rinna Lip Reduction: See Her Original Lips, Before Any Surgeries! (She Looked Great)

lisa rinna
Lisa Rinna lip reduction: Waaaay before picture

After seeing all the hype over Lisa Rinna’s lip reduction, it got me wondering what her very original lips looked like what could have started the long cycle of plastic surgery? Was her original lip that limp, that small, that much in need of a collagen assult? The sad answer is no back in the 1980s (Rinna says she first got herself plumped in 1986), Rinna looked totally adorable with a normal-sized upper lip.

Take a look at Lisa Rinna’s lips before and after in this slide show on TMZ: What do you think? Did the mom of two and wife of Harry Hamlin look better before plastic surgery, after or now?

I vote for waaaay before!



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