Nanny Who Is a "God Send" Taking Care of Sheen Twins


charlie-sheen-and-brooke-mueller-aspen-crime-rehabIf you were worried about who was helping to care for almost one-year-old twins Bob and Max Sheen while both parents, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, are in rehab, don’t be.  A famous mom Tweeted that her nanny of six years was looking after the boys.

Lisa Rinna, who took a break from commenting on other people’s plastic surgery, reported via Twitter: “Good news, the sheen babies r being well taken care of by our beloved nanny that was with us for 6 yrs. she is a god send.”

Reports suggest Brooke has the boys and nannies with her at her new rehab facility.

The Sheen twins turn one on March 14.

Source: Us Magazine

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