Listen: David Arquette on Howard Stern (Video)

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Listen to David Arquette on Howard Stern

Listen to David Arquette on Howard Stern in the video clips below, where he dishes on his split with Courteney Cox, the events leading up to their breakup and his affair with Jasmine Waltz.

I don’t know… after listening to David Arquette on Howard Stern, talking candidly about his private life, he comes off like a total jerk.

I was willing to give him the benefit and not dig too deep on what went down with his split with Courteney Cox, but it’s way too soon to be giving an exclusive interview where he tells Howard Stern every teeny-tiny detail.

Also? David Arquette notes that he’s been sober, except for having a drink when their split went public. But honestly, he sounds kind of under the influence… or maybe the break up has got him in such a wrecked state emotionally that he sounds pretty messed up.

What do you think of David Arquette on Howard Stern? Why would he call in and talk about everything with his relationship with Courteney Cox, including how he had sex with Jasmine Waltz?

It’s believed that some of David Arquette’s blabbing to Stern was to clear his name and prove he didn’t cheat on Courteney when they were together. Still, this just seems further proof that Arquette has some growing up to do.

He says they’re still best friends… uh, I’m not so sure about that, David.

Listen to David Arquette on Howard Stern in these full interview video clips… obviously, this is Howard Stern, so it’s definitely NSFW language:

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