Listen: Michael Jackson "Breaking News," Lyrics (Audio)

listen michael jackson breaking news lyrics audio
Listen to Michael Jackson's "Breaking News," plus lyrics

Listen to Michael Jackson’s “Breaking News” in the audio clip and check out the Michael Jackson “Breaking News” lyrics below.

What do you think of Michael Jackson’s “Breaking News”?

I don’t know, but it sounds sort of un-MJ to me. 

I guess there’s been a bit of debate over whether it’s really Michael Jackson’s vocals on “Breaking News,” but voice experts reportedly say it is MJ and that the song was recorded in 2007.

Michael Jackson’s posthumous album titled “Michael” will be released on December 14.

Listen to Michael Jackson’s “Breaking News:”

Breaking News by Jon_ALi

Michael Jackson “Breaking News” lyrics:

“Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson
Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson
Just when you thought he was done,
he comes to give it again

No matter what, you just want to read it again,
No matter what, you just want to feel it again .
Where is the stranger that i’ll fall in love, fall in love
Where is that boogie man to diggin up
Where are my crazy cause’ i just wanna stand up
This is breaking news
This is breaking news news”

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