Listen To Real Housewife Of New Jersey Danielle Staub Sing! (Video)


We’ve all been tortured by the hilarious/annoying sounds of Countess LuAnn de Lesseps digitally enhanced droning on “Money Can’t Buy You Class.’ Let me be the one to say what none of her Real Housewives of New York cast mates have: Stop trying to be a pop star and never “sing” again. It might be harsh, but it should save her from further embarrassment along with our eardrums.

Judging by how bad her monstrosity of tones was, when I heard Danielle Staub was also recording a record, I figured her skill level was either worse or slightly higher than the insanely low, sub-ground bar and sure to include such brilliant lyrics as the chanting of “You say I am a ho..but you don’t know. Bomp. Yeah, you don’t know me.” Surprisingly, I was way off. Danielle has a nice voice and her lyrics are smart and emotionally mature. Click through to watch!

The song “Real Close,” is real good! She performed with openly gay singer-songwriter Lori Michaels on What Happens Live. When asked by Andy Cohen if they’re an item, Danielle neither confirmed or denied.