Listen To Meg Mclain's Harrowing Full Body Scanner Account: Making The Skies Safer or Scarier?

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Meg Mclain: No smiles during her airport experience

We all want the world to be a safer place for our kids. But just how far are we willing to go to ensure that we have those freedoms? Meg Mclain’s freakish experience in a South Florida airport, when she declined a full-body scan, only to end up handcuffed to a chair and later escorted out by a group of 12 cops, makes me wonder.

On the one hand, you cannot be too careful anyone could be bringing explosives on a plane. On the other hand, there’s a fine line between catching terrorists and infringing on our rights as Americans.

Listen to Meg’s story. Do you believe it was as terrible as she says? Do you think this is necessary to keep the skies safe?


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