Listen To The Monster Mash Song, Plus Three Video Mash-Ups Your Kids Will Love

Monster Mash song
Monster Mash song: Lyrics, videos and more!

The Monster Mash Song is one of my absolute favorite things about Halloween (followed closely by nonstop playings of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and of course the candy). The song by Bobby “Boris” Pickett was released in 1962 (listen closely, and you hear him say at one point, “Tell them Bobby sent you”), and it has become one of the world’s most beloved Halloween songs for kids.

Pickett was actually an aspiring actor who improvised the “Mash” bit at a performance while doing a Boris Karloff impression. It was such a hit that he developed it into its own song.

Read on for links to the song plus three fun “Monster Mash” videos.

Listen to a preview of the song on, where you can also buy an MP3, and check out the lyrics here but for the best Halloween fun, check out these three videos. The first one is great for little kids. The second one is a bit scarier, perhaps for tweens. And the third is probably best for teens.

Happy Halloween!