Little Boy Saved By Wanting To Be Like David Beckham


Sometimes celebrities touch our lives in the most personal and beautiful ways.  A 3 year old boy in England was recently saved all because of David Beckham.

Maddox Tallowin, whose parents are obviously big celebrity followers, was such a big fan of David that he wanted to get his hair cut into the iconic soccer star’s mohawk. When his parents shave his head, they were able to see some odd looking bumps they hadn’t noticed before.

The bumps were diagnosed as leukimia and Maddox was treated with chemotherapy. He is currently in remission.

“I feel so lucky we found it when we did. The doctors said that often it isn’t picked up until the child is unwell and Maddox wasn’t ill at the time so we got it early,” Maddox’s mom tells the Daily Mirror.