Liv Tyler Brings Milo Out For Family Lunch (PHOTOS)


Liv Tyler, Royston Langdon and MiloLiv Tyler and Royston Langdon were spotted taking their 5-year-old son Milo to lunch on Saturday.

After the pair separated in 2008, Liv and Milo moved to Los Angeles.

Liv recently talked about taking the last two years off from acting to be with her son.

“I’m always working but I took a lot of the past two years off to be with my son and I was going through a lot of personal changes. I love being a mum and it was important I got to spend those years that are so precious and will never come back again with my son Milo.”

It’s great that mom and dad can still hang out together for Milo! A very healthy way to deal with a split!

Liv Tyler, Royston Langdon and Milo