Liv Tyler Doesn't Care Who Is Watching


liv-tyler-milo-schoolI love that  Liv Tyler always seems to be in “play” mode when she is with her son Milo. Whether it’s a weekend play date or the morning commute to school.

She just doesn’t seem to care if the paparazzi are out taking pictures. She’s with her kid and doesn’t care what you think.

She says it’s hard to get him out the door some days.

“I just say, ‘We’re going to school, that’s what you do. You have to go to school,And I told him to enjoy it now because it’s fun now. Soon he’ll have homework and it’s not so fun.”

I think it must have to be the different set of stresses. She more than likely doesn’t have the same set of, oh my gosh, I can’t be late, if I am I might lose my job and then where am I going to get food for my kid, kind of problems that some have.

Here is another picture of her just having fun.



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