Liv Tyler Dreams Of Country Living


liv-tyler-10Liv Tyler wants to get away from it all. She’s lived in the big city for so long that she’s seriously considering giving it all up to rusticate on a farm.

She transplanted her little family from New York to LA when she split with her husband, but really, that’s not giving anything up. If anything she’s under closer scrutiny from the paparazzi in Los Angeles.

I’m sure the thought of living on a farm and raising chickens appeals to her, because she knows Milo would enjoy it. I know that’s why we moved to the small town we now live in.

She said she was also inspired by the time she spent at her friend Stella McCartney’s house. She said: “A great night in? Stella McCartney’s house in the country. Once our kids are asleep it’s ‘grab the wine’ and take turns to talk boys and husbands.”

Sounds just perfect, doesn’t it?

BTW… I just love this picture of her.

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