Liv Tyler Gets In Shouting Match With Random Woman



Whatever you do, don’t do anything to evoke Liv Tyler’s righteous mommy anger. She’ll come at you like a spider monkey.

While walking down Santa Monica Boulevard yesterday, Liv got into a shouting match with a total stranger. The other party to this verbal catfight was an elderly woman, who was apparently yelling at a crying baby that she was pushing in a stroller.

Liv, who has a 4 year old named Milo, reportedly bursted into a rage when she saw the lady yelling at the child (which could have been her own for all we know).

No blows were exchanged, thankfully, Liv just threatened to call the cops on the woman and then went about her business.

I guess it’s no surprise that Liv is so passionate about standing up for kids. She is a UNICEF spokesperson, after all.