Liv Tyler Tells Her Son Milo To Stay In School


liv-tylerLiv Tyler talked about parenting at last week’s launch party for Stella McCartney’s new line for GapKids.

Milo William is Liv’s son with ex-husband Royston Langdon, and at 4 years old, he’s already complaining about heading to school.

Milo attends a Montessori preschool program and is already learning to read, which Tyler says is “amazing”.  The actress is empathetic about her young son’s hesitation to attend school some days. “He’s doing really well, but it is hard work obviously,” she says.

How does Liv get her son going in the morning?

“I just say, ‘We’re going to school, that’s what you do. You have to go to school,'” she explains.  The actress adds that “I told him to enjoy it now because it’s fun now. Soon he’ll have homework and it’s not so fun.”

The kid is four, Liv.  Let’s hope that homework is still a bit further off in his future.

Of course, if little Milo does end up with preschool level homework, maybe he’ll have extra help now that his grandfather, Steven Tyler, has quit Aerosmith!

Ah, yes.  Steven and Milo pouring over preschool books.  Now that’s a picture I’m dying for the paparazzi to catch!