Live the Dream: Charlie Sheen Needs Help, Not Ridicule

charlie sheen 20 20 interview
Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview

The Live the Sheen Dream is a website that generates Charlie Sheen quotes from his many interviews.  But Charlie Sheen needs HELP, not ridicule.  It’s clear that he is very ill.

Sheen is exhibiting most of the classic symptoms of bipolar disorder. Chances are good that he’s either suffering from bipolar disorder or some other mental health disorder and he needs treatment. NOW.

Here are some of the common signs of a manic episode:
Denial of a problem
Increased energy, activity, rapid talking, thinking and agitation
Trouble sleeping
Excessive “high” or euphoric feelings
Poor judgment
Sustained periods of unusual, even bizarre behavior with significant risk-taking
Provocative or obnoxious behavior
Unrealistic belief in one’s own abilities
Increased sex drive
Substance abuse

Alcohol and substance abuse often happen in conjunction with some other co-occuring mental health disorder, and Charlie Sheen is a prime example.

Sites such as are funny but what is happening with Charlie Sheen is extremely sad.  He needs help and the media need to keep him off the air.