Live To Dance Finals: Are People Voting?


Tonight on “Live to Dance,” the six finalists performed. America is voting and the winner will be revealed next week.

Wait, what? This is still on?

I did like this show when it first came on. Paula Abdul set a very positive atmosphere for the show and it seemed like a good family show. But, when American Idol came back on, the lure of seeing how Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez would do as judges was too strong.

The contestants on Live to Dance aren’t seen very much, so it’s hard to feel a connection with them. We saw them during auditions, one semi-final show each, and then it was time for the finals. It’s harder to care about them than it is for contestants on American Idol, that we see for weeks.

The six finalists are: The Vibe, D’Angelo and Amanda, White Tree Fine Art, Twitch, Dance Town Chaos, and Kendall Glover. In case you are still watching and want to vote.

Did you watch Live to Dance? Or did American Idol win out for you?