Live to Dance Winner: Did D'Angelo and Amanda Deserve It?

Who won live to dance
Did D'Angelo and Amanda deserve to be the Live to Dance winner?

If you missed the show last night, you can check out our Live to Dance Finalerecap.  But, if you just want to know who the Live to Dance winner is, it was D’Angelo and Amanda.

Yes, the adorable little kids who ballroomed danced their way into our hearts the the first Live to Dance winners. They were so cute.  You had to laugh when they didn’t get it when they were asked if they would still be dancing together when they were really old, like 20.

But, did they really deserve to win?

D’Angelo and Amanda, and for that matter, one of the other top three acts, Kendall Glover, have a lot of talent for being so young. It’s what wows the crowd and makes us want to pick up the phone and vote for them. The prize? Half a million dollars.

But, you have to feel bad for White Tree Fine Art, who have been practicing ballet for longer than these child dancers have been alive.

They were all a joy to watch and judge Paula Abdul was in tears for most of the night before the Live to Dance winner was announced. What do you think of  D’Angelo and Amanda winning Live to Dance?