Living Social, GroupOn: New Way to Shop for Holidays


livingsocialLiving Social and GroupOn are two ways you can save money this holiday season! Living Social an online resource for people to find deals and save big! Groupon is a fabulous way to save money by getting local coupons at a great discount. offers daily deals in 121 cities in 5 countries! Deals range from 50 to 70 percent off the local restaurants, spas, boutiques and other area businesses. offers a new promotion every morning. The daily promotion is announced on the site, as well as through e-mail, on Twitter and Facebook. The LivingSocial deal is available for 24 hours.

GroupOn works in a similar way. Sign up for GroupOn, then you receive a daily e-mail every morning that features a great local business. GroupOn members save big on restaurants, local events, DVD rentals or even haircuts. Discounts range from 50% – 70% off on average.  For example, on Friday we found out about a GroupOn deal for the holidays with Redbox. GroupOn was offering three DVD rentals from Redbox for $1!

Do you use either of these online resources?  Do you save money?

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