Liz Hurley Has Trouble With Cursing


Liz Hurley has a little problem. Her son can’t watch any of his godfather’s movies. Hugh Grant is Damien’s godfather, and generally curses too much for comfort.

She allows her son to watch her movies, but says, “‘We’re always trying to find something that Uncle Hugh has done that he can see, but they’re full of swear words,’ she said. ‘We can’t find any!”

“‘He can’t watch Four Weddings And A Funeral. He can’t watch About A Boy. It’s quite difficult trying to find stuff for kids.”

“‘I wouldn’t really watch anything that I’m in, but because of Damian, I’ve seen Austin Powers thousands of times. He knows all my lines, he can describe all my costumes, all my hairstyles – he knows which ones are wigs; he knows the lot. And Bedazzled he loves. He loves me being the devil. Of course he knows all those lines as well. I don’t know any of them.'”

So I guess sex is better than curse words. I don’t know about that. I don’t let my 6-year-old watch much more than the kid channels.

How about you? What are your kids allowed to watch?


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