Liz Hurley's Son Bans Mom From More Kids


liz-hurley-son-damienI’ve heard of Only Child Syndrome before, but I’ve always dismissed it as a superstition. Apparently not. Liz Hurley’s 7-year-old son Damien has such a severe case OCS that he’s banned his mom from having any baby brothers and sisters. Will she play along?

Although her son is pretty adamant about not sharing his mama with any siblings, Hurley is apparently considering expanding the family with her husband Arun Nayar. They’ve got plenty of room on the 400-acre farm in Gloucestershire. Says Liz:

“We’re in two minds. Damian doesn’t want us to add to our family under any circumstances,” she reveals. “He wants to remain the golden prince. He says, ‘Mummy, our family is big enough.’ We toy with it but we’re not sure.”

I guess it’s pretty natural for a kid to not wanna share — especially when it comes to parents. It’s kinda like a pre-conception sibling rivalry of sorts. A little competition is always healthy right?

What’s the worst case of Only Child Syndrome you’ve ever witnessed?


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