Liza Minnelli's Confessions Is a Tribute to Family and Friends


liza minnelliLiza Minnelli, 64,  shows no signs of slowing down as she gets ready to launch her newest album Confessions.    The album is a tribute to her famous family and friends meant to capture the laid-back evenings they have spent around her piano in song. 

The album is truly a showcase of her life in music inspired by the artists she grew up listening to and featuring songs by her godfather Ira Gershwin.

Liza had been taking a low profile lately as she recivered from knee replacement surgery, but rather than sit back enjoying a well-earned retirement Liza has been hitting the stage to perform across the country. 

What is the inspiration behind the album?

“They’re songs that we’ve done at my house forever when I have musical parties—people come over, (eat) Italian food, and then everyone would end up gathered around the piano, from Tony Bennett to Janet Jackson,” Liza tells the Wall Street Journal. “We were relaxed because we were only singing in front of each other, so it had a quality to it, and that’s the quality I tried to achieve on this.”

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