LL COOL J Gives Chris O'Donnell Parenting Advice


ncisodonnellllcooljlcHave you ever bought your kids something only to realize it’s entirely inappropriate? Yes, well then you are just like Chris O’Donnell then. Well not really, but you get what I mean.

Chris O’Donnel works with LL COOL J and wanted to get his kids ready for a meeting with him. He downloaded his whole collection and played it for his kids.

Later, after telling LL COOL J about it, LL asked him if he got the clean versions. That would be a big no. Chris had to go home and erase the explicit versions and download the clean versions.

Chris said, “I downloaded all his greatest hits and I was playing them for the kids… and I was telling LL, ‘I’ve been playing all your songs for my kids,’ (and he said), ‘Which ones are you playing… You better check that out.’
“And (so) I looked and I got all the explicit versions… I wasn’t really paying attention. So I had to erase them all and get all the clean versions.”

Too funny. Hopefully he got them off before his kids memorized all the words.

P.S. I love both NCIS shows. The original and Los Angeles.

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